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The site (hereinafter the Site) is published by: PASTIFICIO SERVICE, S.L. (a sole shareholder company), a subsidiary of the AmRest Holdings group, SE ( B-25452566

Phone: +34 973 257 280

REGISTERED ADDRESS: Polígono Industrial Camí dels Frares, Calle E, Parcela 47, Lleida, Espagne.


MADRID BUSINESS REGISTER: 1st registration of sheet number L-12082, volume 640 general section, sheet 107 and seq. of tome 23 191, 8th section, May 3, 2000.

For the purpose of clarification, PASTIFICIO SERVICE, S.L. (a sole shareholder company) will be identified as PASTIFICIO SERVICE in this document.


Jean Jacquemetton


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1° Introduction

The purpose of these terms of use of the Site is to govern the relationship between PASTIFICIO SERVICE and the Users of the web Site

User, is to be understood as any person navigating on the web Site, without necessarily registering to become a member or franchisee.

These terms are accessible from the home page of the site and apply to all Users of the site, which agree to comply therewith by the simple fact of using the Site.

The contractual relationship between PASTIFICIO SERVICE and the members, as well as the business relationship between PASTIFICIO SERVICE and the franchisees are specified at the time of the acceptance of the specific terms trough the registration forms.

PASTIFICIO SERVICE may at any time and without notice change these terms, and the said changes are published on the site so as to be advised to the Users.

Intellectual property

All contents appearing on the Site and specifically, models, text, graphics, logos, icons, keys, software, business names, trademarks, industrial drawings or any other sign likely to be the subject of an industrial and commercial use are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of PASTIFICIO SERVICE.

Specifically the name « LA TAGLIATELLA is protected by a community trademark. Pictures and graphical items appearing on the site are protected by copyright.

The Use of the Site does not imply any licence or waiver, transfer, total or partial sale of the said intellectual property rights or the granting of any right or right expectation, including, any right to change, operate, reproduce, distribute or circulated publicly the said contents without PASTIFICIO SERVICE’s prior and formal consent.

No links

As User, you should refraining from establishing any link to the Site from any other web site without PASTIFICIO SERVICE’s prior and formal consent.

The presence of links on the web Site of PASTIFICIO SERVICE, unless otherwise formally stated, is for purely informational purposes and does not imply any suggestion, invitation or recommendation regarding them. Such links are not evidence of any type of connection between PASTIFICIO SERVICE and the individuals or companies that own the web Sites that can be accessed through the said links. Such Web pages shall be neither altered, changed, modified or adjusted. PASTIFICIO SERVICE reserves the right to withdraw unilaterally and at any time any link appearing on the Web pages. PASTIFICIO SERVICE declines any responsibility as to the content of the forums or chats or any type of transmissions linked to those Web pages and shall cooperate, if ordered to by a court ruling or relevant authorities, for the identification of individuals responsible for law-violating contents.

4° Responsibility of PASTIFICIO SERVICE

i. Services accessible on the Site that do not require any subscription or prior registration are offered to the User free of charge and only imply the User’s duty to comply with these Terms of Use of the Site. PASTIFICIO SERVICE declines any duty to meet determined levels of Site availability regarding those services nor to pass specific security measures. In the same way, PASTIFICIO SERVICE may suspend, withdraw or cancel, in full or in part, at any time and without notice, the services that are not subject to subscription or registration.

ii. The Internet connexion needed to access the service is not provided by PASTIFICIO SERVICE and is the User’s responsibility. This web Site has been designed to support Internet Explorer 7 or higher navigators, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. PASTIFICIO SERVICE declines any liability as to any loss that could be caused to Users in connection with the use of other navigators or different navigator versions than those that the web Site was designed for.

iii. The User is informed that communications on open networks are unsafe. It is the User’s responsibility to adopt any appropriate technical measure to reasonably control such risks and prevent damages to his hardware, loss of data, unauthorised use of his connexion and theft of confidential information.

iv. PASTIFICIO SERVICE declines any liability as to any loss that could arise from anything including but not limited to the following : (i) Interferences, omissions, interruptions, electronic viruses, failures and/or disconnections during the operation of the electronic system or of the devices and electronic equipment, caused by reasons beyond the control of PASTIFICIO SERVICE and preventing or delaying the provision of the services or the navigation ; (ii) delays or blocks in the use caused by Internet or other electronic systems failures or surcharges caused by third parties through illegal intrusions and that are not chargeable to PASTIFICIO SERVICE ; (iv) Discrepancy in the information, documentation and / or other contents of the Site that could exist between the electronic version and the printed version ; (v) Impossibility to provide the Service or allow access for causes not chargeable to PASTIFICIO SERVICE, including force majeure events.

v. The use made by the User of the services and / or data and / or information provided on this Web site shall be at the risks of the User. Specifically, PASTIFICIO SERVICE guarantees in now way that the Users will use the Site in accordance with the law, these General Terms, moral standards commonly accepted and with public order nor that they will do so in a diligent and prudent manner.

vi. In the same way, in the event of minor Users or incapacitated adults, the use of the Web site shall be under the responsibility of their parents, representatives or trustee, as these should accompany, monitor or take appropriate precautions during their navigation on Web pages. As a result and without prejudice to the agreed provisions such as the Legal Information, in their capacities as parents, representatives or trustee, they shall be responsible for the access to the services, products or contents of PASTIFICIO SERVICE or the registration of their minor children or adults in wardship, and thus we recommend that you accompany, monitor or take appropriate precautions (computer using time rules, location of the computer in a common area of the house, etc.) during their navigation on web pages.

vii. Following the previous point, we wish to remind that some navigators allow to change your settings for children or other people not to be able to access some sites. However, we recommend that you be present during navigation as some web sites may not be classified.

5° Duties of the User

  1. It is the User’s responsibility to comply with these General Terms of Use, the Specific Terms which will apply as needed as well as specific warnings or use instructions that will appear herein or on the Site.

ii. The User should at all times make lawful use of the services of this web Site in accordance with applicable laws, subject to the intellectual property rights of PASTIFICIO SERVICE or of third parties.

iii. In that sense the User guarantees that the activities that he will develop on the web Site will be compliant with the Law, morale standards, public order and will not be offensive to the reputation and brand image of PASTIFICIO SERVICE, of other Users of the web Site or to third parties.

iv. The User shall apply appropriate diligence to the nature of the service it uses and shall not carry out through the services that PASTIFICIO SERVICE provides any action causing damages or alterations to the contents or preventing the proper operation of the web Site, and formally agrees when using it not to cause any technical problems, not to transfer any item likely to include electronic viruses or to damage, interfere or accept in full or in part the web Site, and in the same way not to interfere or change the electronic mail of other Users.

6° Communications

For the purpose of these general terms and for any communication between PASTIFICIO SERVICE and the User, the latter shall contact Customer Service by e-mail (by sending a message to: or written communication sent to the Marketing Department, PASTIFICIO SERVICE S.L. (Sole shareholder company), Calle Enrique Granados, 6, Edificio B, Nivel 1, Of. 6, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid).

Communications from PASTIFICIO SERVICE to the User shall be made using the data provided by the latter when registering with the web Site.

7° Clause invalidity.

In the event any of the provisions of the General Terms of Use of the site is found invalid or void, in full or in part, such invalidity shall affect only the provision or part thereof that is void or invalid, and the rest of the General Terms shall remain applicable and the said clause or part thereof shall be considered as not included, unless due to its significance to these General Terms, the latter are affected as a whole.

8° Terms of use of the services requiring subscription or registration

1.- General information

These General Terms of Subscription, associated as needed with Specific Terms, shall formally govern the relationship that PASTIFICIO SERVICE, with C.I.F.: B25452566 and headquartered in social à Polígono Industrial Camí dels Frares, Calle E, Parcela 47, Lleida, will maintain with the Users through the Site.

The use and / or the provision of any of the services of the Site subjected to subscription or registration imply the User’s unreserved acceptance of these General Terms of Use and of all General Terms and / or Specific Terms governing the services subjected to subscription or registration and mentioned in the subscription or registration formalities.

2.- Complaints:

PASTIFICIO SERVICE has complaint sheets for its clients in the reference establishment. We recommend that the Users have their complaint processed by the establishment in charge of the effective provision of the service


These General Terms of Access, navigation and use of the web Site, as well as any relationship between the User and PASTIFICIO SERVICE are governed by the laws of Spain.


The parties formally waive any jurisdiction that they could claim and formally agree to go to the Courts of Madrid for any dispute arising from the interpretation or performance of these contractual terms.



PASTIFICIO, as the manager of private data processing, established in Spain, is governed by the Organic Act 15/1999 dated December 13 on the Protection of Private Data (LOPD) transposing the European directive of 1995 on the protection of private data and by Act 34/2002 dated July 11 on Information Services and Electronic Trading (LSSI).

The Users are hereby informed of, and formally agree that the private data they will provide on this web Site, (hereinafter , the Site, can be included in the “WEB USERS” file and will be processed in compliance with the above-mentioned regulations applicable in the area of private data protection.


The consultation of this Web site does not imply that the User has to provide any information about himself. PASTIFICIO SERVICE shall inform the Users and the latter shall formally agree that the private data that they will provide deliberately to PASTIFICIO SERVICE by completing the registration form on the Web Site, will be processed in order to comply with the legal and contractual duties to the Users, including regarding the possibility of franchise, the use of the job exchange, the possibility of becoming suppliers, the completion of surveys, as well as for the sending of commercial communications, by electronic mail, while operating in all cases according to the form, limits and with the rights imposed by Spanish rules applicable to the protection of private data. If the User no longer wishes to receive commercial information, he may advise us at the following e-mail address:

At the time of collecting the data, the optional or mandatory nature of the collected data communication is specified. Refusal to provide data described as mandatory will result in non provision or the impossibility of accessing the service providing the requested service. The mandatory data that the User should provide to PASTIFICIO SERVICE for us to contact him are : name and first name, ID card n°, address, City and Province, Phone, e-mail, contact hours, location and CV.


The Client or User is informed and formally agrees that his private data, provided to PASTIFICIO SERVICE, can be transferred exclusively for the purposes mentioned in above article 2, to other companies of the Group in the catering area, as well as to other companies close to our business and promotions (leisure, trips, food, telecommunications, culture and services) that cooperate with PASTIFICIO SERVICE now or at any time in the future.

The mentioned data transfers may be done towards countries that are not part of the European Union. In that case the User is advised of the extra-community nature of the transfer, which can be done only subject to his formal consent.


The User is not allowed to include in the free text fields of the Web Site any private data of third parties or private data relating to an ideology, union membership, religion, belief, racial origin, health and sexual practices. In the event of any breach of this duty the User shall answer to PASTIFICIO SERVICE and to third parties for any damages and / or losses caused by the said failure.

Access to the services, products, contents or registration in any of the forms asking for private data found on our web Site will be done under the Users’ responsibility. In the event of minors or incapacitated adults, it shall be done under the responsibility of their parents, representatives or trustee, as these should accompany, monitor or take appropriate precautions during their navigation on Web pages.

Considering the impossibility of checking the truth and accuracy of the private data provided, PASTIFICIO SERVICE recommends that parents, representatives or trustees supervise the registration process of their children or persons under their wardship. As needed PASTIFICIO SERVICE shall handle requests derived from the exercising by parents or trustees, of rights to access, cancel, change and object to the data of minors or incapacitated adults without prejudice to their right to get in touch with us in order to make appropriate warnings through any of the already listed means.

In the same way, the User agrees to protect PASTIFICIO SERVICE from any claim that may be filed against him (including in the event of the opening of any type of file by the Spanish Data Protection Agency following the User’s breach of the duties appearing in this note as well as of applicable private data protection rules and he formally agrees to pay and reimburse at any rate any amount that PASTIFICIO SERVICE may be ordered to pay as sanction, fine, compensation, damages, losses, including legal fees arising from the said failure).


In accordance with applicable Spanish rules the User is also informed of his right to exercise his rights of access, rectification, rectification and objection in pursuance of the provisions of applicable laws and PASTIFICIO SERVICE is responsible for the automated file, and he can therefore contact by writing to the following address “Data Protection” at the Marketing department of PASTIFICIO SERVICE, S.L. (Sole shareholder company), calle Enrique Granados, 6, Edificio B, Nivel 1, Of. 6, Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid), Spain or by e-mail at the following address:


PASTIFICIO SERVICE agrees to comply with its duty of confidentiality towards the personal data of the Users and its duty to retain them for the time necessary for the processing and shall take necessary technical and organisational measures to guarantee the safety of personal data and prevent their alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorised access, considering the state of technology, the nature of the data kept and the risks they are exposed to, whether by human action or by the physical or natural environment.


The User is informed of the existence and purpose of some cookies that are likely to be placed on the hard drive of his computer. The User is responsible for consulting such information, which his attention is drawn to. Use of the Site implies the acceptance of Cookies.


PASTIFICIO SERVICE reserves the right to change without notice and at any time the contents of all or some of the provisions appearing in this section on private data protection in order to adjust them to applicable laws applying at any time or to the operation or incorporation of new services. Should the said modification take place, PASTIFICIO SERVICE agrees to publish in an appropriate manner on the Site, the amended or updated version of the rules set in this section so they are available to the Users, as well s to any other interested person.